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The key to customer loyalty is outstanding customer service. Seems obvious, right? Think about the first contact your customers will have when there is a problem or question about your product. Who do you want to be on the other end of that phone call, email, or chat?


Loop Contact Solutions provides knowledgeable agents, high-performance support, and will treat each customer as a VIP from beginning to end. Loop can be the competitive (and cost-effective) advantage you need to grow your business exponentially.

Dispelling the myths about call centers in the Philippines

Philippine call centers can be an attractive option. You get educated; highly skilled, well-trained agents who speak near flawless “American” for a fraction of the cost. But unfamiliarity can lead to anxiety when choosing to outsource to Philippines, for example:

1. I had a bad experience with a foreign call center.

A bad experience isn’t isolated to a particular country. It can be the result of an inadequately trained agent, inept management, or poor processes. Loop Contact Solutions understands the key to delivering top-notch customer care is to answer quickly, provide high-quality service, and resolve the customer’s needs on the very first interaction if possible.

2. Lack of visibility – A call center company in the Philippines is too far; I won’t know what’s going on. Reports will be incomplete or inadequate.

All Loop employees will be trained to handle phone calls, emails, or live chat so they can move seamlessly between channels and fill in where they are needed at any given point in the day. This will help to minimize wait time for your customers when contacting the call center. Reports can be customized to your specifications in a format that fits your needs. Transcripts/reports will be accessible at any time so you can check all call recordings, emails, and live chats.

3. Customers will receive poor quality service.

Seasoned agents, rigorous training practices (including “live” interactions and corrective training), and attention to quality assurance are proven to achieve a high level of service. In addition, establishing a culture of accountability and rewards will motivate employees to provide world class customer service.

4. Foreign agents will speak in broken/bad English and have too many cultural differences from the customer.

A call center in the Philippines hires agents who are college graduates, learned American-style English from an early age, and enjoy American movies, TV, music, books, and social media. Many Filipinos are immersed in the American language and culture – in fact, many companies transact their business in English. Any accent is very slight especially when employing Filipinos from big cities. Plus, Filipinos are some of the warmest, happiest people on the planet.

5. Agents won’t be knowledgeable about my business.

This is a risk among American call centers, too. What it comes down to is training. Loop’s agents are dedicated to your business. They will be presented with detailed information about your product/services, understand common problems/questions and how to handle them, and maintain an open line of communication for updates about current and new products.

6. Foreign agents aren’t trustworthy and will steal credit card data.

All Philippine call center companies comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) and follow the same stringent certifications as American-based companies. Our employees undergo background checks, screenings, rigorous training, and comply with workstation security measures.

7. Filipino call center technology is limited.

Many technologies can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Even if you’re using an older technology, it can be used through whitelisting IP addresses, VPN, and remote access – just as any American company would. A call center company in the Philippines can also set your company up with call center technology if you don’t have any.

8. Operations will lack the professionalism we see in America.

Most Filipinos connect with Americans much more deeply than other call center locations such as India, Jamaica, or some Eastern European countries. They use American-style English instead of British (there is a difference). Likewise, Filipinos love American movies, social media, books, and TV, establishing a connection on a cultural level also Loop Contact Solutions also understands the importance of laying the right foundation with 1) agents dedicated to your account who undergo comprehensive training about of your business, 2) high quality technology, 3) an easily searchable information database, 4) and by using seasoned agents who are experienced with American companies and multiskilled across channels.

Save up to 50% with a well-run, high performing Philippine call center

Call center services are not cheap. But if you outsource to the Philippine call center company Loop Contact Solutions, you can cut your cost by 50% over onshore services while still providing the same quality services you’d get from a US-based call center.

Huge pool of agents; competitive rates

There are millions of call center agents available in the Philippines. Loop makes sure to hire highly skilled, college educated agents who are familiar with similar American businesses. Fees are much lower in the Philippines than America, you can reduce your call center costs up to 50% by outsourcing to Philippines call centers like Loop.

Agents speak and understand “American” English with very light accents

Children begin learning English in kindergarten and become fluent in both verbal and written English. Signs, laws, and contracts are written in English. Companies transact their business in English. Because of their constant exposure to “American” English, agents are very comfortable communicating in this language.

Agents connect with Americans culturally and have years of experience speaking with Americans

Filipinos are immersed in American culture, music, TV, and social media – they use American-style English instead of British English, making them more connected with Americans who contact the call centers in the Philippines.

Highly skilled college graduates working for you

Unlike the US, many Filipino college graduates see a call center as a desirable career choice. You get intelligent, strategic, business-minded agents who know how to close the deal.

Strong closers

When you outsource to a call center in the Philippines like Loop, you get a powerful team of agents who can masterfully execute your sales program at low cost. They can handle all types of sales: complex, high-end, subscription, retention, cross selling, upselling. While they have a script, Loop’s agents can tailor their conversations to meet the expectations of the caller/emailer/chatter. They’re savvy, smart, and can think outside the box to make the sale.

Warm and friendly agents who empathize with the customer

Filipinos by nature are positive, hardworking, and honest. They are well-versed in American humor, cinema, and social media – indeed, American culture is hugely popular in the Philippines. There is very little cultural gap between the Filipinos and Americans.

Familiarity with other American businesses

Large corporations (including JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Netflix, Twitter, and Ford) and countless small/medium-sized American businesses have been hiring Philippine call centers since the 1990s. So, there are many Filipino agents who have had experience with American businesses and understand how they work.

Agents sound attractive and confident

People place a lot of value on the sound of a voice, and they develop an impression within the first 4 seconds. They want to talk to someone who is appealing, confident, and has knowledge of the business. Loop pays a lot of attention to how the agent sounds listening to tone, pitch, and softness that can convey attractiveness, self-assuredness, and intelligence. We train all agents so they’re experts in your product/service.

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What our clients have to say

Loop understands the subscription marketplace which already puts them ahead of the crowd. With Loop, you don't just give them a list and be done with it. Jesse brings ideas and opportunities to you - sometimes ideas that don't benefit him a bit. That's a true partner.”

Roger Michalski

VP/Group Publisher
Eagle Financial Publications

“Loop soon proved to be an income generator for our subscription based webmaster tools related business. We were all pretty much overwhelmed by the month to month growth and the revenue per client that was generated in a very short period of time.

Eilon Arad

Co-founder and CEO, Azooki Founder, Leadya Services, Inc. Director of Business Development,
Coinpoint Services

“He has been instrumental in transforming contact centers into profit centers by increasing bottom-line margins of multiple customers.”

Bob Jesson

Operations Manager
Solid State Optronics

“He puts premium on teamwork but appreciates innovation as well. I will specifically highlight his not resting on his laurels, so to speak – he constantly looks for ways to get better, learn more and improve on his execution.”

Je Froilan Clerigo

Founding Partner
JM Clerigo & Associates Law Office

“I have seen Jesse come in and completely turn around a call center. Everything from changing ineffective hierarchy structures, and outdated rules; and more importantly, building a team that wants to, and can, support the goals and vision he lays out.”

Chris Camp

Founder & CEO
Clean Tech Lighting and Power

“Jesse brings the right entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic to his company, and combined with his deep understanding of the call center space and unique insights into the needs of subscribers.”

Christopher Berner


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Loop Contact Solutions provides a high quality,
full-service, customizable call center at a fraction of the cost

All-inclusive, fully managed service.

Loop will take care of everything from building to launching to managing your call center. Our goal is to achieve the best results possible and continually grow your business.

Large pool of seasoned agents ready to start now

Loop is very exclusive about the agents hired. In fact, our company has an entire team devoted to recruiting seasoned agents who have years of experience with similar American businesses. Loop also hires college graduates who regard working at a call center as their professional goal. If you have a special requirement, Loop can hire quickly to fulfill that need.

A team of managers, trainers, and quality assurance dedicated to your business.

When you choose Loop’s Philippine call center, you get a whole team dedicated to your business including: an experienced project manager (who will learn your business top to bottom), supervisor, quality assurance, and professional call center trainers who will get your team ready. Loop gives you the right agents + the right support = the best productivity, quality, and results.

Customizable call center processes designed with your product/service in mind

Loop can build, implement, and manage your call center; use your already existing processes; or customize areas you feel are incomplete/need improvement. We want to make sure that our agents have the tools they need to provide world class customer support and high-performance sales.

World class customer support

Loop agents routinely receive 95% quality assurance scores when independently audited by phone, email, and live chat interactions with our customers. We build and manage quality assurance programs that evaluate the quality of interactions by our own dedicated, independent quality assurance team. You'll have full access to all recordings, emails, and live chats, quality evaluations, and results.

High performance sales, retention, lead generation, and appointment setting.

Everything Loop does to implement our call center is designed to achieve the high results. Our training programs, scripts, tactics are all created with the single goal of selling your product/service. Our agents are trained to become experts in your business, products, and customer profile so we can finely tune our interactions with your customers. We constantly review results, see where we can improve, and implement new strategies.

Agents flow seamlessly across phone, email, and live chats.

After selecting the right candidates, our Operations team trains them to become top-performing agents. Our professional call center trainers typically provide 40 to 80 hours of training to newly-hired agents. Near the end, they’re tested and certified. And they ONLY go live if they pass. Once they go live, we have a ramp-up plan where they begin with simple tasks, gradually moving into more advanced tasks.

Provide advanced call center technology (or we can use yours).

We are ready NOW to set up, implement, and manage your call center technology such as Salesforce, Ring Central, Five9, Zuora, Chase Paymentech, Digital River, Zendesk, Gorgias, Stripe, and more. Loop is proficient with large-scale call center phone systems, live chat technology, email, ticket techs, and CRMs. Likewise, if you have a system in place you’d prefer, we can adapt to that as well. Access can be gained by using a browser, VPN, IP whitelisting, or remote desktop – all while maintaining secure, 2-factor authentication (where needed), and compliance with PCIDSS.

Reduce your costs without reducing your quality and results.

Most call center companies in the Philippines will cost you about 50% of what you’d pay for call center services on US soil. But not every Philippine call center will offer high-quality results. They may hire subpar agents or not be able to build end-to-end processes. Loop only hires college educated, top-performing agents with years of experience in American businesses. We can create a whole call center system for your business that will rival any American-based call center at a fraction of the cost.

American owned and managed.

Loop is the best of both worlds: you get all the benefits of outsourcing to Philippines while enjoying a call center run with the same values, processes, technology, culture, and integrity of an American call center.

How it works

Step 1

Set goals with you

Step 2

We study your business, products, marketing, customers, website and tech

Step 3

We plan out how to talk to your customers and deliver the results and quality you need

Step 4

We build processes and a formal training program

Step 5

We hire and train a brand new team of agents and a manager

Step 6

We setup tech for you, reports, quality, compliance, branding, and more

Step 7

We launch your service and rapidly increase performance to achieve your goals

Step 8

We manage and improve your service over time, keeping current on all changes