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Loop is a full-service call center that offers high-performance sales, support, and retention teams to help you grow fast. As a premium outsourcing company in the Philippines, we believe in efficiency and service that goes the extra mile to make sure you reach your goals.

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When you speak to our Philippine call center expert
via Zoom or phone, you’ll get…

  • A customized proposal designed to help you reach your business goals
  • A dedicated consultant who can help you plan your service
  • Pricing and key terms for our services
  • Pre-qualification for a no-commitment trial, a 30% discount, or both

Why outsource to the Philippines?

  • Talent pool of millions of Philippine call center agents
  • Fluent English speakers
  • Access to highly skilled & smart college graduates ready to work for you
  • Agents who speak with warmth and confidence
  • Significant cost savings vs. onshore or nearshore
  • Agents experienced with working for American businesses

While all Philippine call centers may give you reduced costs, not all will give you good results. Your results depend on the outsourcing company you choose in the Philippines. The best results come from a call center with quality staff, processes, and management that work seamlessly with your business.

When you outsource to Loop, you’ll get…

  • World class customer support that makes your customers feel engaged and taken care of
  • Innovative strategies for boosting your sales growth and customer retention
  • A team that provides you with the people, processes, and technology ready to deliver quality service and results
  • Efficient sales teams designed to maximize your revenues and minimize your costs
  • A Philippine BPO company focused on growing your business
  • One simple onboarding process that gets you results fast
  • A dedicated QA team that ensures the highest quality support to customers
  • Instant ROI boosts via additional cross selling and upselling campaigns
  • Increased conversion rates using scientific customer analysis
  • Client-oriented collaboration and a dedicated manager to make campaigns run smoothly
  • Services we provide


    • Inbound phone sales
    • Outbound phone sales
    • Telemarketing
    • Lead generation
    • Appointment setting
    • Live chat sales
    • Cross selling and upsells


    • Phone customer service
    • Email customer service
    • Technical support
    • New customer onboarding
    • Customer success


    • Saving phone cancels
    • Saving email and web cancels
    • Fixing failed subscription renewals
    • Winning back former customers

    What our clients have to say

    Loop understands the subscription marketplace which already puts them ahead of the crowd. With Loop, you don't just give them a list and be done with it. Jesse brings ideas and opportunities to you - sometimes ideas that don't benefit him a bit. That's a true partner.”

    Roger Michalski

    VP/Group Publisher
    Eagle Financial Publications

    “Loop soon proved to be an income generator for our subscription based webmaster tools related business. We were all pretty much overwhelmed by the month to month growth and the revenue per client that was generated in a very short period of time.

    Eilon Arad

    Co-founder and CEO, Azooki Founder, Leadya Services, Inc. Director of Business Development,
    Coinpoint Services

    “He has been instrumental in transforming contact centers into profit centers by increasing bottom-line margins of multiple customers.”

    Bob Jesson

    Operations Manager
    Solid State Optronics

    “He puts premium on teamwork but appreciates innovation as well. I will specifically highlight his not resting on his laurels, so to speak – he constantly looks for ways to get better, learn more and improve on his execution.”

    Je Froilan Clerigo

    Founding Partner
    JM Clerigo & Associates Law Office

    “I have seen Jesse come in and completely turn around a call center. Everything from changing ineffective hierarchy structures, and outdated rules; and more importantly, building a team that wants to, and can, support the goals and vision he lays out.”

    Chris Camp

    Founder & CEO
    Clean Tech Lighting and Power

    “Jesse brings the right entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic to his company, and combined with his deep understanding of the call center space and unique insights into the needs of subscribers.”

    Christopher Berner


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    How to get results today with Loop’s world class process

    As a full-service BPO company in the Philippines, we help you get results by…

    1. Setting goals with you
    2. Studying your business, products, marketing, customers, website and tech
    3. Developing a game plan that brings together what your customers need and the results you want to achieve
    4. Building processes and a formal training program
    5. Hiring and training a brand-new team of agents and a manager
    6. Providing you with tech set up services, reports, quality, compliance, branding and more
    7. Launching your service and rapidly increasing performance to achieve your goals
    8. Managing and improving your service over time, keeping current on all changes

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    AU: 61 2 8073 5261



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