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About Loop

We are a full-service specialist sales, support, and retention call center for businesses focused on customer loyalty and subscriptions. We've been helping businesses grow their customer base and generate more revenue from it through inbound and outbound phone, email, and live chat.


Acquire. Retain. Grow.

Our Vision

Be the go-to call center for world class customer support and high-performance sales and retention teams for subscription and customer loyalty focused businesses.

Our Mission

Satisfy your customers with world class support, grow your customer base with impressive sales teams, and turn your call center into a profit center.

What we value


Honesty is the #1 principle in our business. Period. Full stop. We plan services that make sense, launch small tests, and are upfront about the good, the bad, and the ugly. We work with our clients to stabilize, scale, and roll out services as they prove themselves in testing.


One of the reasons behind our company’s success is that we’re always pushing ourselves to excel in everything we do, whether it’s customer service or sales and retention.


Quality matters to us so much we removed ‘mediocrity’ from our dictionary. That's why we do everything we can to give only the highest standard of work by pursuing innovation.

  • Sales and retention services - we create strategies, tactics, offers, and more;
  • Customer support services - we create end-to-end processes, a knowledge base, call flows, quality assurance programs, and more.


You being happy with the work we do is our focus. At the same time, we also ensure the team assigned to you is happy and motivated to do their best every day.

Big-picture Growth

Through dynamite sales strategies, tactics, and scripts and world class customer support processes, all built by our experts specifically to reach your goals.

Positive Upfront ROI

Generating more money for you from our sales and retention services than they cost is built into service planning from day one. In our experience this is usually an achievable goal. If we see a challenge, we’ll tell you in advance.

Continuous Improvement

All service processes are continually tested and improved. Each time your products or services change, or you have a new marketing campaign, we study and implement what’s new and important across your sales team.

What we bring to the table

All-inclusive service

We provide everything to plan, set up, launch, manage, and improve the service, people, processes, and technology. No surprises or extra fees for scripts, training, or anything else needed to make sure your campaign succeeds.

Strategic consulting

Building a high performance service begins with strategic planning. That means identifying who you want to sell and support, how best to speak to them, and what to do on calls and emails to achieve the outcomes you want (buy, don’t cancel, be satisfied, and so on). Our experts study your business and map this out for you.

Building your processes and sales campaigns

Great processes enable strong agents to deliver outstanding results. Our team of professionals, dedicated to customer support and sales campaign creation, will study your business, customers, products, marketing, and more. Combining what we’ve learned about your business with our own experience, we develop end-to-end sales or support processes for your business.

Increase conversion rates

The reason many businesses have low phone sales conversion is because their sales teams only know how to close simple order calls where the customer just wants to buy. This means sales calls in which the customer is interested, but not decided, are lost. Our sales teams know how to close those complex sales opportunities. Fixing this problem normally gives a 20% to 40% overall conversion uplift (sometimes more).

Cross selling and upselling

Call center cross selling and upselling is a key way to grow your business. The first step is to set big picture revenue goals. Then, create an outbound phone sales team to cross sell and upsell active customers. Also, integrate cross selling and upselling into inbound phone customer support and sales processes. We specialize in building cross sell and upsell teams and processes for our clients.

Technology optimization

The #1 job of call center phone and email technology is to efficiently get the right agents in front of the right customers. Our technology does this in spades. Plus, if your campaign has both inbound and outbound, the same agents do outbound calls or emails when they’re not busy with inbound. Furthermore, when dialing outbound, more of our calls get through junk call blockers with our STIR/SHAKEN certification.

Quality assurance program creation

The difference between poor, mediocre, and world class customer support comes from having a robust quality assurance program and quality-focused management. We create and roll out in-depth quality processes and procedures for our clients, using our dedicated QA team. We check all channels and types of interactions to ensure that every agent delivers only the highest quality to their customers.

What makes Loop stand out?

Our headquarters is in the center of talent in the Philippines. We select and nurture the best talents from this pool to help our clients grow. We go beyond skill, we also look at compatibility. We assign the team that can become your brand ambassadors and can know your product or service inside out.

Aside from a strict 4-layer screening process, we conduct monthly refresher training programs to ensure they’re in tip-top shape while representing your brand. Our dedicated HR team knows how to pick top of the market agents that have great potential. Then, our Operations team will train them to become top-performing agents delivering world-class customer service and exceptional sales results.

We’ve nailed our processes down to a science, concentrating on efficiency and innovation in how we conduct our services—from making sure we call the right number at the right time, to knowing exactly what needs to be said at any given moment.
Our agents are trained to handle multiple channels in order to maximize your profit by increasing their productivity, and reducing idle time.

What this means for you is that our agents can make more calls, send more emails, and efficiently solve issues for your customers.

Every safeguard is in place to make sure campaigns go smoothly. Our facilities are equipped with fast computers, modern software and cutting-edge equipment for phone calls, emails, and live chat.

We protect your data through multiple firewalls, restricted access to the internet and external networks, employee monitoring, security personnel, strict employee screening, and supervision and management in our PCIDSS-compliant work environments. Our paperless communications also allow us to do our part for the environment as well.

Our numbers

Inbound Conversions


Quality Score


Why choose Loop?

We’re able to achieve stellar results for our clients by engineering every aspect of our process to meet their goals. Our suite of solutions and services are integrated in such a way that every agent you have can do sales or retention during a customer support call. Our people are top of the market talent, supported by continuous training and learning, and well-equipped to enhance customer experience with state-of-the-art technology, dynamite strategies, tactics, scripts, and customer support processes. We are known to provide world-class customer service and superior sales performance.

What our clients have to say

Loop understands the subscription marketplace which already puts them ahead of the crowd. With Loop, you don't just give them a list and be done with it. Jesse brings ideas and opportunities to you - sometimes ideas that don't benefit him a bit. That's a true partner.”

Roger Michalski

VP/Group Publisher
Eagle Financial Publications

“Loop soon proved to be an income generator for our subscription based webmaster tools related business. We were all pretty much overwhelmed by the month to month growth and the revenue per client that was generated in a very short period of time.

Eilon Arad

Co-founder and CEO, Azooki Founder, Leadya Services, Inc. Director of Business Development,
Coinpoint Services

“He has been instrumental in transforming contact centers into profit centers by increasing bottom-line margins of multiple customers.”

Bob Jesson

Operations Manager
Solid State Optronics

“He puts premium on teamwork but appreciates innovation as well. I will specifically highlight his not resting on his laurels, so to speak – he constantly looks for ways to get better, learn more and improve on his execution.”

Je Froilan Clerigo

Founding Partner
JM Clerigo & Associates Law Office

“I have seen Jesse come in and completely turn around a call center. Everything from changing ineffective hierarchy structures, and outdated rules; and more importantly, building a team that wants to, and can, support the goals and vision he lays out.”

Chris Camp

Founder & CEO
Clean Tech Lighting and Power

“Jesse brings the right entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic to his company, and combined with his deep understanding of the call center space and unique insights into the needs of subscribers.”

Christopher Berner


Meet our Team

Jesse Rosenthal

Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Atty. Rowena Cabasis

Chief Operations Officer & Corporate Counsel

Christopher Camp

North American Sales Director

Byron Callas

Senior Strategic Consultant

Barry Hughes

Business Development Director


Operations Director


Executive Operations Manager


Senior Operations Manager


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Human Resources Manager


Talent Acquisition Manager


Corporate Trainer


Quality Assurance & Compliance Strategist

How it works

Step 1

Set goals with you

Step 2

We study your business, products, marketing, customers, website and tech

Step 3

We plan out how to talk to your customers and deliver the results and quality you need

Step 4

We build processes and a formal training program

Step 5

We hire and train a brand new team of agents and a manager

Step 6

We setup tech for you, reports, quality, compliance, branding, and more

Step 7

We launch your service and rapidly increase performance to achieve your goals

Step 8

We manage and improve your service over time, keeping current on all changes

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