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LOOP's Principle Players Were Hand-Picked for their Expertise and Experience.

Jesse Rosenthal


Jesse Rosenthal, LOOP’s founder and CEO, is the leading authority in call center services for subscription businesses.

In 2002, at age 19, Jesse became interested in and began a lifelong study of call centers and subscription businesses. Because of the contacts and associations he made through that research, he had access to many subscription businesses and call centers.

He interviewed dozens of owners and CEO’s, intensely studying what worked and didn’t work for subscription businesses. He then developed and tested systems and strategies to grow the profitability of  subscription businesses.

In 2015 he formally began designing LOOP – a call center that would specifically focus on solving the challenges, and maximizing the opportunities of subscription businesses.

By 2017 Jesse had proved each of his theories and created massive wealth for his subscription business clients. His winback, acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and upsell strategies and execution made his clients millions of dollars in recurring revenue.  

For most of LOOP’s customers, the call center is now one of their most important profit centers.

Jesse acts based on  scientific marketing data.  He A/B split tests strategies, tactics, and offers the same way marketeers A/B split test copy, segments, landing pages, and offers.  He’s constantly trying out new strategies to beat old ones and rolls out his winners.

Rowena Cabasis

Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel

Rowena studied law at San Beda College of Law.

She served as an elected government official before the age of 23.

She went on to become a senior associate at a law firm specializing in litigation, corporate law, and labor law.

LOOP became one of her clients. She saw the enormous opportunity for growth LOOP afforded her; and she joined full time.

Anna Bandalan

Operations Director

Anna Bandalan, LOOP’s Operations Director, is an international leader in call center services for subscription businesses.

Anna started as a call agent in 2003 and worked her way up through every important call center role. She’s a hands-on leader who has stood in everyone else’s shoes.  

She has more than 15 years of experience creating, strategizing, planning, developing, executing, and improving call center services for subscription businesses.  

A call center providing service to the Philippines’ equivalent of AT&T made so much money under her direction that they expanded the account from 50 agents to 600 in just the first year.

Anna leads a team of senior subscription call center managers who believe the first step with every new client is to thoroughly immerse itself in the business and goals.

With that immersion and understanding in place, they transform this knowledge into profitable call center sales strategies, game plans, services, opportunities and programs.

LOOP’s Operations Team uses this knowledge to train and lead talented agent teams to execute these call center strategies. That’s how we systematically improve sales results and profits for our subscription business clients.

Nelson Palad

Information Technology Director

Nelson Palad is LOOP’s Information Technology Director.

Back in 2005 Nelson was in charge of technology for one of the largest Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone companies in New York City. His extensive experience routing millions of calls worldwide over the internet forms the foundation that LOOP’s telephony is built upon.

In 2010 Nelson was Chief Technology Officer for a call center employing more than 1,000 agents on the phones at any given time.

In 2014 Nelson handled all technology, programming, and information systems for a large international publishing company.

Nelson joined LOOP when he saw the potential to be part of a call center using leading-edge technology that was just emerging in the call center industry, such as live sales chat, and social media engagements.

He combines expertise gained from experience in Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Voice Over Internet (VOIP) telephone companies, professional call center technology management.

He’s a Cisco Certified Network Engineer who works hand-in-hand with our client’s IT department to ensure seamless integration and 100% uptime of all contracted services.

Dan Rosenthal

Internet Marketing Director

Dan Rosenthal is LOOP’s Internet Marketing Director.

Dan is one of America’s most famous direct-response copywriters.  He mentored Gary Bencivenga and Jay Abraham, and was in turn mentored by them.

He pioneered the first $1,000 service (Options Hotline), and the first $5,000 service (Red Hot Penny Golds).  Both sold out on the first mailing.

Dan then worked with Weiss Research to launch “Irving’s Interest Rate Speculator,” writing what came to be known as the most successful single ad in the history of direct response.  55,000 pieces mailed; $14,000,000 received. That’s an amazing $254 per piece mailed.

Now Dan is having fun turning his talents to Internet Marketing for LOOP and its clients.

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