How & Why We’ve Become The Profit Center For Subscription Businesses

How & Why We’ve Become The Profit Center For Subscription Businesses

Loop is not your regular call center.

Strategically focused solely on increasing profits, we specifically serve subscription-based businesses with a comprehensive range of revenue-generating services, programs, and processes. 

Loop’s strategic call-center services all contribute to one goal: Growing our clients’ subscription base, revenues and profits right now and over the long term

While other contact centers might treat a subscription as a one-time sale and move on, we work with you to strategically address the full spectrum of the subscription model, from sales and renewals through to upgrades, cross sells,  winbacks and long-term, profit-driving loyalty to increase long-term customer value.  

We help our clients acquire, engage, retain and upgrade more subscribers and generate far more revenue and profits year-after-year. 


Loop is a Profit Center,

Not Just a Call Center

We partner with our clients to build strategies delivered by a team of agents who work specifically on your short and long-term business objectives. 

Yes, we handle customer service enquiries and calls. But that’s just the beginning.


Loop is an important profit center for our clients in three ways.   


We typically generate more upfront revenues than our service costs.  For new clients, right away, average monthly upfront ROI is 150% and up starting in the first or second month. It gets better year after year.


Unlike other call centers, Loop routinely delivers 10-20% increases in key subscription- business profit metrics. We increase paid acquisitions, trial-to-paid conversions, renewals, cross sells, upsells, and winbacks —-  all while reducing cancels and refunds.  


By partnering with our clients for the long term, our clients enjoy more subscribers coming into their business who renew and purchase more higher-priced products year -after year, generating substantially more revenue and profit both short and long term.

Loop’s Success is Built on Decades of Research and Testing in the Subscription Industry

Founder and CEO, Jesse Rosenthal, has spent the past two decades focusing specifically on call center operations for subscription businesses. 

Years spent interviewing and working with executives and marketers around the world led him to realize his vision for a new breed of contact center — one that proactively maximizes every single touchpoint in the subscriber’s journey in the subscription business model to generate substantially higher revenues and profits. 

The acquisition, renewal, retention, winback, cross-sell, and upsell strategies Jesse pioneered and founded Loop on have made our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in recurring revenue — money they would not have realized if they’d not partnered with us.

Speak With Loop Now About How To Generate More Subscription Revenue For Your Business

To speak with us about a custom program to get more new subscribers now, or more renewals, upgrades, and cross-sells, or to slash cancels and refunds, or a comprehensive plan to drive profit improvement now and year -after year,  use the form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

We’ll discuss your business in total confidentiality, give you some valuable initial advice, and lay out benefits and steps you can take to grow your revenues and profits.