Upselling and Cross-Selling Services 

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Upselling and Cross-Selling Services 

LOOP uses inbound phone, outbound phone, email, and live chat to do cross-selling and upselling, to grow your subscription business’ revenue and profit. Our Upselling and Cross-Selling Services target active, trial, and former subscribers and find opportunities that will continue to contribute to your business and its profits. 

What Does Cross-Selling and Upselling Do For Subscription Businesses?

In a nutshell, cross-selling and upselling contribute to your business’ revenue and profits. Cross-selling to active subscribers will include selling additional services at a similar price, whereas upselling involves selling premium, higher-priced subscriptions (for example moving a subscriber from a bronze tier to platinum tier). When it comes to inbound sales phone calls, subscribers seeking customer service or technical support could be cross-sold depending on their needs and wants.  

Similarly, subscribers during onboarding also present opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, as do free trial users. With active regular subscriptions, LOOP will target active lower-priced subscribers for upselling to premium services, as well as cross-selling. Similarly, high-priced, premium and VIP subscribers will be candidates for cross-selling. 

Outbound communications also present opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. LOOP uses lead lists of webinar attendees, trial subscribers, free bonus downloaders, and former subscribers. After calling or reaching out through other channels of communication, we’ll look to cross-sell and upsell and generate further revenue and profits for your business.

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Our Process 

Once you have a goal in mind, like cross-selling 15% more active subscribers to premium services, our team of experts will advise you on the best communication channels, depending on your business and the product. We then move on to immersing ourselves in your business and studying the company and product in great detail.  

After we have a complete understanding, we move on to developing strategies, tactics, scripts, offers, rebuttals, and a formal training program for your dedicated team of agents. LOOP will handle the hiring and training of all agents independently and build you the right team that will further your profits. 

How We Talk To Your Subscribers

  •   Inbound Phone
  •   Outbound Phone
  •   Inbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Outbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Email
  •   Text-to-Call


You won’t get this from other call centers …

  • Specialist sales, support, and retention call center
  • Dedicated to subscription businesses
  • Managed by subscription business AND call center experts
  • Focused on your results and ROI first
  • Provides services designed to grow your business each year
  • Increases your acquisitions, renewals, and cross sells and upsells
  • Provides world class customer support to your customers
  • Proves our results and quality with small tests before scaling larger

Why Loop Is Better For Your Subscription Business 

LOOP is one of the leading subscription business experts in the market today. Our founder and senior team have extensive experience in working with subscription businesses and know the ins and outs of the business quite well. Our experience allows us to turn inbound technical support calls into opportunities for upselling and building revenue. This experience and knowledge also let us use little-known touchpoints that will enable you to connect with your subscribers much more efficiently, leaving them satisfied which translates to more conversions and more growth for your business. 

Our services are also designed to often generate more revenue than they cost. This makes us an upfront profit center, showing up as a positive ROI on your investment in us and allowing you to get big-picture growth at an upfront profit.  

We are able to do this primarily because of our proprietary services, comprising of 4 solutions and 7 services that have been battle-tested to grow subscription businesses.  With us, there’s no shooting in the dark and we can quickly set up an effective, world-class call center for your subscription business.  Tested and proven services make your new call center service more reliable and, since much of the costly call center work developing new complex services has already been done, you’ll be incurring a lower cost.

How You Can Get Started

We offer the option for clients to start out with modest test programs to allow them to see how we get a program up and running. We provide a small team for a 90-day period, which allows you to see the results for yourself and only expand to a full program when you’re satisfied.  

If you have any further questions about our services or would like to set up a consultation, please get in touch at 1-855-947-5667. 

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