Subscription Business Telesales Services

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Subscription Business Telesales Services

Telesales services are a cornerstone of Loop’s service portfolio. Through innovative call center sales and retention solutions, we grow subscription businesses by monetizing opportunities in the entire subscription business model and process chain. We run extensive analysis on key areas of your business and address the issues that your business is facing through both conventional and innovative, sometimes cutting edge, solutions.

Regardless of what your product or service line might be, if you’re looking to increase acquisitions, retention, and cross-sells and upsells, then Loop is the telesales service provider that can offer you what you want. We’ll also reduce customer acquisition costs and reduce contemporary and frequent issues that plague subscription businesses, such as high refund and cancel rates, failed renewals, and low premium subscription up-gradation.

What makes LOOP different from competitors is we get hired to generate substantial, measurable growth in subscription businesses, typically at an upfront profit. This returns would be significantly higher than what you, as a business, would invest in our services. Another aspect that sets us apart as a telesales company is that we don’t go for generic solutions. Instead, we always assess our client’s business in detail to implement tailored end-to-end strategic call center solutions. We also aim to implement solutions that give results in a matter of months, rather than years. We set goals for each month and keep our clients continuously updated, allowing your business to assess at each stage and judge whether their investment in Loop is paying off.

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Inbound Call Center Services

Loop is much more than just another affordable answering services provider. Our team will work diligently to convert more inbound calls to sales. This would be subject to the right solutions being put in place and having the right team deal with your customers, which Loop can offer with proficiency and diligence at every step.

Inbound call center solutions are applicable to businesses that offer both low and high-priced products. You’d have more profitable upfront and higher inbound call sales conversions, even seeing significant growth in conversion rates. Not only would you be having a larger subscriber base, but you’d also be growing your business at a faster rate. Best of all, inbound call centers help decrease customer acquisition costs significantly, meaning your business grows at a lower cost. 

After LOOP thoroughly studies your business, we would go on to train our team of telesales agents in a way that you’d think they were your own in-house talent. Our telesales team will know every facet of your product line and will ensure that, if nothing else, customer queries are addressed proficiently and appointment setting is always seamless, also ensuring the image of your business is always intact as professional and successful.

Solutions & Services

Get More Subscribers

  •  Inbound Phone Sales
  •  Outbound Phone Sales &   Telemarketing
  •  Live Sales Chat

Keep More Subscribers

  •  Onboarding & Adoption
  •  Customer Service
  •  Technical Support
  •  Winbacks & Cancel Saves

Get More Renewals

  •  Renewal Service
  •  Recover Failed Renewals
  •  Save Expiring Subscribers

Get More Cross Sells & Upsells


  •  Cross Sell & Upsell
  •  Cross Sell to Premium   Services

Outbound Call Center Services

Loop’s outbound call center services will help grow your subscriber base significantly. By using information from order forms, social media ads, video sales, and webinars, we use outbound calling and text-to-call sales to increase conversion rates. We also run a detailed analysis of sign-up processes, order forms, instances of payment failures, and failed trial conversions, and use this data to generate leads and reach out to these prospective subscribers (along with your existing subscriber base) to grow your business.

In addition to offering results in the form of converting leads to sales and higher conversion rates for landing pages and free trial programs, our team would look to improving payment processes and efficiently recover declined payments for subscriptions, which would streamline your finances a great deal.

Working closely with your in-house team, we would also create salesmanship programs, scripts, etc., that cater specifically to your subscription business and we will keep you in the loop (no pun intended) for any developments, or changes that are necessary, at every stage. Loop strongly believes in its partnerships with its clients, and will always take a transparent approach. This ensures your business grows in a way that you can fully understand and be informed of, and the solutions you acquire from us are implemented efficiently in the long term.

How It Works

Here’s how it works …

  • You approve a goal, like increase your renewals by 25%

Then we …

  • Intensely study your business
  • Customize our strategies and tactics
  • Create sales or support programs
  • Create a formal training program
  • Hire your new agent team and manager
  • Perform exhaustive new agent training
  • Launch and improve your new service
  • A/B split test different approaches
  • Continue improving until your goal is reached


You won’t get this from other call centers …


  • Specialist sales, support, and retention call center
  • Dedicated to subscription businesses
  • Managed by subscription business AND call center experts
  • Focused on your results and ROI first
  • Provides services designed to grow your business each year
  • Increases your acquisitions, renewals, and cross sells and upsells
  • Provides world class customer support to your customers
  • Proves our results and quality with small tests before scaling larger

24/7 Live Chat Services

Loop operates both inbound and outbound live sales chat to get you more subscribers and increase your revenue and profits (at an upfront profit). You would effectively increase conversion rates on your landing page, squeeze page, and video sales letter, along with converting inbound chat inquiries from website visitors into new sales. You’d also be getting more sales from order forms and wavering shopping carts and generate cross-sells and upsells among your existing subscriber base. All of this is made possible because of the real-time interaction that 24/7 live chat offers. Live chat is also an effective channel because of the accessibility that it gives to customers, allowing them to address their queries from the convenience of a handheld device if needed.

24/7 live chat services ensure you generate sales and grow your subscriber base from different avenues such as website visits, landing page prospects, online event attendees, and even through free trial programs. You’ll also see less abandonment on order forms and checkouts as Loop would use live chat to close the sale.

Outsource Telesales Services to LOOP Contact Solutions

As a telesales service provider, we can confidently say that our company is at the forefront of the industry with its innovation and cutting-edge business solutions. Our inbound call services, outbound call services, and 24/7 live chat services will connect you with customers around the clock and in a much more streamlined manner. Whether it’s getting more subscribers through inbound phone, outbound phone, and live chat, or lead generation and phone consultations, you can rest assured we’ll help your subscription business grow its customer base and its profits.

How We Talk To Your Subscribers

  •   Inbound Phone
  •   Outbound Phone
  •   Inbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Outbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Email
  •   Text-to-Call

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