Outsourced IT Support Services

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Outsourced IT Support Services

LOOP offers world-class outsourced technical support services which have a significant impact on increasing renewals and reducing cancellations. Our team of dedicated technical agents, who are trained extensively in your products, will keep customers satisfied and, more importantly, loyal. We’ll implement a technical support program, which will not only address technical issues faced by subscribers but also save cancels and fix renewal problems on inbound calls, effectively increasing your revenue and profits.

Through inbound phone, email, and live chat, LOOP will target all active subscribers, including trial users, and cancelling subscribers to address any range of technical issues that could be prevalent with the product or service that your subscription business is offering. We’ll also assist new subscribers to a great degree in onboarding them to the product and ensuring they see the full value it offers.

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Keep More Subscribers With Our Technical Support

LOOP’s first-class technical support program is a complete end-to-end solution that will help your subscription business and subscriber base grow. We’ll develop an entire team of technical support agents who have the requisite experience and skills, and give them hands-on training to ensure their expertise with the product is at a proficient level. Our team will show the customer how to use the product, address any technical problems, and stop cancellations caused by poor or unavailable technical support.

LOOP will always look to quickly resolve customer requests and provide them with the red carpet treatment at all times, we’ll also be focusing on revenue and profits. This isn’t done just by convincing cancelling subscribers to change their minds and stay subscribed, but also through cross-selling and upselling on customer service calls. Agents are also trained to efficiently handle phone, email, and live chat for multiple products, to increase productivity.

Solutions & Services

Get More Subscribers

  •  Inbound Phone Sales
  •  Outbound Phone Sales &   Telemarketing
  •  Live Sales Chat

Keep More Subscribers

  •  Onboarding & Adoption
  •  Customer Service
  •  Technical Support
  •  Winbacks & Cancel Saves

Get More Renewals

  •  Renewal Service
  •  Recover Failed Renewals
  •  Save Expiring Subscribers

Get More Cross Sells & Upsells


  •  Cross Sell & Upsell
  •  Cross Sell to Premium   Services

How it works

Once you’ve decided on a goal for your subscription business’s technical support (for example, reduce cancels related to technical support problems by 90%, etc.,) and determine which products of yours you wish LOOP to handle on the support side, we’ll then advise you on what channels to use to reach the most subscribers efficiently.

A great deal of effort will also be put in by LOOP’s team of experts in studying the product and business, mapping out all requests and challenges, per product, the best resolutions for each, the right process to deliver the solution, information on how to prevent recurrences. LOOP will also prepare email and chat templates and phone scripts, FAQs and knowledge libraries, and an in-depth formal training program for agents both in the products and the customer support processes.

LOOP will recruit a team of technicians and agents and will even handle their training, which will take an in-depth hands-on approach to ensure that the agents’ expertise is based on personal experience as well as technical knowledge. Everyone in the technical support team will have a subscription to the supported products, use them regularly, and, with time, will become experts in using them to achieve the intended value, and have personally addressed all the problems before. The team will be led by a dedicated manager to max out results.

If necessary, we’ll also set up blending processes so agents are able to handle inbound and outbound phone calls, emails, and live chats, to ensure all agents are fully productive and available for customers regardless of what their issue or query might be. LOOP will implement rigorous quality assurance procedures, scorecards, and guidelines, which clearly state what is and is not quality, scoring weights to assess overall scores and goals for new and tenured agents.  To ensure continuous improvement of the team we’ll also develop performance improvement glide paths for new trainees and corrective processes to address underperformers.

How It Works

Here’s how it works …

  •  You approve a goal, like increase your renewals by 25%

Then we …


  • Intensely study your business
  • Customize our strategies and tactics
  • Create sales or support programs
  • Create a formal training program
  • Hire your new agent team and manager
  • Perform exhaustive new agent training
  • Launch and improve your new service
  • A/B split test different approaches
  • Continue improving until your goal is reached


You won’t get this from other call centers …


  • Specialist sales, support, and retention call center
  • Dedicated to subscription businesses
  • Managed by subscription business AND call center experts
  • Focused on your results and ROI first
  • Provides services designed grow your business each year
  • Increases your acquisitions, renewals, and cross sells and upsells
  • Provides world class customer support to your customers
  • Proves our results and quality with small tests before scaling larger

Why LOOP’s Services Are Better

We are one of the leading subscription business experts in the call center industry today and have been dedicated to subscription businesses since day 1. Our leadership team has more than 10 years of experience, while the founder, Jesse Rosenthal, has worked with subscription businesses for more than 20 years. With this much subscription business expertise, personnel who understand the subscription model inside and out, and know strategies and tactics, your goals will be understood in a way that other call centers simply could not and the solutions we provide are more centric to subscription businesses. With our reach, you’ll be able to speak to more of your subscribers and be there for them in their preferred mode of communication. Whether it’s with inbound and outbound phone, live chat, and email, interacting with your customers, and increasing sales and retention in ways that are not possible with traditional basic touchpoints. This means more satisfied subscribers, conversions, saves, and more growth.

Moreover, LOOP’s proprietary services, consisting of 4 solutions and 7 services, are designed to grow subscription businesses. There’s no shooting in the dark with our services and hoping for the best, as they have been tried and tested to yield results. An added advantage of having pre-set solutions and services is that there is a reduced cost since much of the costly call center work developing new complex services has already been done. You won’t waste any time on learning curves as we need to customize our services according to your business and start achieving your goals. 

This does not mean we employ a generic approach though. There will be real immersion in your business by your new dedicated team and LOOP senior management, as we understand that each of your products is different and should be supported differently.  We study each product, why customers want it, what value they get from it, why customers need help with it, challenges, and pain points, and develop training programs and processes for each product separately.  All agents are trained individually on each product enabling them to give the right answers to your subscribers.

Last, LOOP does not expect any commitment from your end at the outset. You can test small without any commitment to see LOOP’s results for yourself and only expand the program when you are satisfied with what we are doing.

Benefits of LOOP’s Services

While LOOP typically works as a profit center, with its sales and retention services, we do not underestimate how integral technical support is to retention, renewals, and cross-sells and upsells. That being said, getting LOOP’s sales AND technical support services can have a compounding effect that drives major league business growth..

In pursuit of that major league business growth, we work in a goal-oriented manner from the outset. You set a big picture goal and LOOP will lay out a program to achieve it and forecast your numbers. We’ll map out each product, what support subscribers will need with it, the right resolutions for each request type, and the best way to deliver those resolutions. We also plan how to avoid recurring problems, we create email and chat templates and phone scripts, FAQ’s and knowledge library’s, and an in-depth formal training program 

LOOP will build you a highly effective, dedicated agent. We hire only the best team members, rigorously training them for at least 80 hours at the minimum, testing and certifying them, graduating only the best, and continuously improving them.

Our charges are all-inclusive which includes a skilled, dedicated team, strategic planning, intense immersion studying your business, campaign creation, development of processes, quality controls, compliance controls, technology, and reporting lines.  There are no extra charges or hidden fees.

How We Talk To Your Subscribers

  •   Inbound Phone
  •   Outbound Phone
  •   Inbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Outbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Email
  •   Text-to-Call

How to Get Started

We start our clients off with a small inexpensive test program, which involves deploying a handful of agents, over a 90-day period. Clients get to see the results firsthand, without having to commit to anything long-term. A full roll-out of the program only happens when clients are satisfied with the results. You don’t need to worry about any complex tech integration because we provide all the tech and our team will handle all necessary integration.

If you have any further questions about our services or would like to set up a consultation, please get in touch at 1-855-947-5667.

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