The Call Center for Subscription Businesses™

LOOP Focuses Intensely on the Special Challenges and Opportunities Facing Your Subscription Business

Inbound Sales


4 reps in just 3 weeks
No refunds allowed

Refunds Saved


High-priced service

No discounts given

Outbound Sales


Only 2 agents

In 90 days



Over in-house call center at less than 1/2 the cost



In a single month
4.5 per agent per day

Cart Abandons



Major sales increase

These are actual, recent results achieved by LOOP Contact Solutions for subscription business clients.

Numbers Like These Don’t Happen by Accident

When you see another call center saying they’ll start in 24 hours, that just means their agents aren’t trained in your services.

1. When we start, our team immerses itself in your business.

2. We hire a team of college-educated agents dedicated solely to you.

3. We create sales strategies, tactics, rebuttals, and processes, that your team will learn to acquire your customers. We’ll also create your formal training program.

4. Finally, your agents get 80 hours of training on YOUR business and are tested in mock phone calls. Only the best graduate and talk to customers.

5. Our team of subscription call center experts will focus on your service in the months following launch and rapidly make improvements to increase results.

We’ll Show You How to Get More Customers Who Stay Longer and Spend More

Call Center Solutions for Subscription Businesses


Generate more new customers and more multi-buyers from your inbound phone calls, website visitors, and telemarketing leads. We sell the subscription way, increasing the likelihood of your subscribers staying long-term.


Building subscriber satisfaction is the main proactive strategy to cut refunds and failed renewals.


What subscription business doesn’t hate churn? All subscription businesses live or die here. Your subscriber journey is like a leaky bucket, people slip out of the holes. Our service plugs them, one-by-one.


Here’s where you put meat on your P&L. In your subscription business probably most of your profits come from your high-priced customers. This is how we monetize the customer loyalty we build for you.

We’ll show you how simple it is to grow your subscription business and recurring revenues.

Who Uses LOOP?

Subscription businesses.

Some are large, like one of the world’s largest stock rating agencies.

And some are small, like a nutritional supplement company selling with the subscription model.

Our call center solutions are generating significant growth for every single one of our clients.

If you’re a subscription business, we can generate significant profits for you, too.

“We hired LOOP with 2 agents. Our goal was for the service to pay for itself. It did that about 100 times over generating more than $4,000,000 in the first 12 months.”

Founder & Owner, Singapore Newsletter Publisher

  • Health
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Software as a Service
  • Publishing
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Financial Advisories
  • Education

Why is LOOP Better?


Every good call center has great agents, and LOOP does, too. What sets our agents apart is we hire fresh agents dedicated solely to your business. We train them to sell your products the subscription way: building loyalty


Each agent receives 80+ hours of training for your service. They’re challenged, graded, and given mock phone calls. We let go of the ones who can’t hack it. Only the best will ever talk with your customers.


Studies show 50% of online customers under 40 would rather chat than call. So, we chat with your customers at every possible chance through inbound and outbound phone, email, and social media.

Touch Points

It’s not just about doing a better job when we speak to your customers on the phone. Our sweet spot is connecting with customers in places they don’t expect: chat to upsell, support during excess delays, and inside membership areas.


We have pioneering subscription strategies that are profitable and scalable. Your average call center knows nothing about these hidden improvements. Their lack of knowledge costs you a fortune – month after month.

Test Us

We offer trials just like any other subscription business. Our trials require zero tech integration. They’re low commitment, low-cost, and easy to start. We’d LOVE to be tested against your current call center and let the numbers talk.

Free Consultation!

Meet Jesse Rosenthal, the world’s foremost expert on call centers for subscription businesses.

Spend an hour discussing your business and learn 2 or 3 battle-tested insights on how to improve your profits.