When We Do Telemarketing People Don’t Even Realize They’re Being Sold

Our Telemarketing Calls Often End with Praise, Gratitude, and a Sale

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Take Away

Strategic telemarketing is essential for subscription businesses. Winbacks, acquisition, cross/upsells, and customer support, done right this is a key to revenue growth. Every paid trial customer who doesn’t convert is ripe for an outbound call.

Lapsed subscribers are a goldmine but they are often ignored by traditional call centers. Strategic telemarketing can nail down wavering renewals and save cancels.

  • Strategic telemarking is key to building customer loyalty

  • Calls can be targeted for Upsell or Cross Sell

  • Telemarketing takes many forms to match customer needs and wants

  • Subscribers who don’t renew are among your best prospects. Telemarketing to them is a goldmine.

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