Churn Attacks the Heart of Subscription Businesses – Long-Term Renewing Customers

Reduce Churn By Getting Subscribers to Use and Enjoy Your Service

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Take Away

Every year, for reasons that should be easy for your call center to solve, subscription businesses lose a quarter to nearly half their subscribers. That’s called CHURN, the single biggest destroyer attacking every subscription business. Failed auto-renewals, failed adoption, customer cancellations, failed trial conversions, expensive refunds and more are reversed with subscription model call-center strategies. Implement them, kill churn, and watch your subscriber base grow and profits soar.

  • Your churn will average 40% this year – that’s insane!

  • Churn attacks the heart of your subscription business

  • Customers expect to be bowled over with value and they don’t find it by themselves

  • We build usage of your product and slash churn by 20% – sometimes more

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