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How Loop Keeps Your Subscribers Satisfied, Loyal and Buying Again

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Keep More Subscribers with World Class Customer Support

How many times have you cancelled because of poor customer service or technical support?  Probably more than once 

World class customer service is crucial to keep your subscribers renewing and buying more products year after year.   

Smartly onboarding new customers is the key to reducing cancels in trial and money back guarantee periods, and in the first 90 days in monthly plans.

Technical support is critical to prevent large volumes of cancels, especially among otherwise loyal, long-term customers, and premium subscribers.

Finally, most subscription businesses lose 20% or more of their customers to cancels each year. Successful saves and winbacks retain all that otherwise lost revenue. 

Our services crush the competition to ensure you keep more subscribers.

Four Call Center Services

that Keep More Subscribers

Keep more subscribers at every stage of the customer journey

Onboarding & Adoption

Turn nearly all your new subscribers into satisfied, frequent users of your service getting the value they expected (or more) in their first 30 to 90 days.  The result: Far fewer cancels and far more renewals.

Customer Service

World class customer service includes verified high quality service delivering right answers fast — a powerful competitive advantage. It generates good will and good reviews. It directly causes many subscribers to stay and renew. 


Stop your active subscribers from cancelling in frustration over tech problems with sophisticated and responsive technical support.  Our agents fix your subscribers problems and educate them to use the service on their own.

Winbacks & Cancel Saves

Recover a large proportion of cancels and expires by speaking with them, resolving their dissatisfaction, and end with a winning offer and renewal.  The result—major increases in your subscriber base otherwise lost.

Questions & Answers

What do I get with LOOP's services?

We provide everything and do it all for you, end-to-end

We set goals, intensely study your business, develop your support service, hire and train a support team, provide and manage all tech, launch the service, and continually improve and update it.

How will you keep MORE subscribers?

Simple.  Onboarding ensures all your new customers begin successfully using your service.  World class customer service and technical support keeps them renewing.  And saved cancels and winbacks gets them back when they fall off.

And we’re fanatical about A/B testing.  We scientifically test everything — strategies, processes, scripts, operations, and agents, to improve.

How does LOOP keep more subscribers than my existing call center?

Our Keep More Subscriber services are all focused on root cause pain point resolution and world class customer service.  Most cancels and failed renewals can be traced to a small number of root cause pain points.

We know all these recurring root causes and how to resolve them with battle tested support, saves and winback strategies that keep more of your subscribers.  Normal call centers don’t know how to do this, and their shortcomings will cost you millions.

“In 2017, LOOP saved 40% of $4,400,000 worth of refunds requested.  This saved me $1,8000,000 in refunds”

Three Keys To Keep More Subscribers

Most businesses have poor customer service and technical support. It KILLS renewal revenue and causes massive refunds. Loop turns that around

To do it, our Keep More Subscribers solution covers three key areas: product engagement, world-class customer service and technical support. 

If someone buys your product and doesn’t use it, chances are they will cancel early or won’t renew. 

We train our agents to make sure your customers use their subscriptions, and get at least than the value they expected, or more.

We pro-actively reach out to them to stimulate engagement, ensure satisfaction, help them get the value, and build trust. 

We have perfected this process that ensures you will keep more subscribers that turns into millions of now and downstream revenue dollars that would otherwise be lost. 

Book a strategy session with our team today and we will talk you through a focused loyalty strategy that will ensure you keep far more subscribers.

How We Help You Keep More Loyal Subscribers

We will create, test, and fine-tune a custom support team to keep more subscribers generating more now and downstream revenue.

Our key focus areas include:


Customer Service

World class customer service is the cornerstone of any subscription business.  We provide audited, verified, high-quality support, that delivers the right answers fast and satisfies customers.

Technical Support

Nuts and bolts support on any technical difficulties customers encounter.  Sometimes this means educating your subscribers to successfully use your service.

Onboarding New Subscribers

Loop’s agents reach out to new subscribers to help them use your service — and get the value they expected — so they don’t cancel and will renew.


Save Cancelling Subscribers

You likely have more than 20% of your subscribers cancel each year.  We specialize in convincing cancelling subscribers to change their minds and stay.

Save Your Website & Email Cancels

Typically, a large segment of cancels happen on your website or through emails. We’re experts in reaching these subscribers and convincing them to stay.

Winback Your Former Customers

Winbacks — especially for high-priced subscriptions, are a lucrative potential growth source but hard to close. We’re experts at winning back this pool of former subscribers.

Loyalty Programs/VIP Subscriber Hotlines

Subscribers to high-priced services demand a higher level of customer support. Our agents are experts at nurturing loyalty with your most valuable customers.


Coaching and Training

Whether it’s a complex, options training system, a cryptocurrency advisory, or software tool, our agents become experts able to help your customers master using your services.

Intelligence Gathering

Want to survey your subscriber base to make your service even stronger? Our teams specialize in gathering customer sentiment, so you know what to fix and improve.

“Loop recognized correctly that most new subscribers did not understand cryptocurrency trading and would need handholding. Consequently, Loop developed and launched 1-on-1 phone crypto technical coaching for all new subscribers. It reliably enabled my subscribers to easily operate the complex software required to follow my recommendations”

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More Subscribers Today

Our subscriber support campaigns are second to none.

Maybe you have tried other call centers and are unhappy with their results.

Maybe you’re wondering how much better your customer support could be, or how much more revenue you could make — even if you are happy with your current in-house or third-party call center.

Or maybe want to launch a new service, like onboarding, or saves, to complement the support team you already have.

Whatever the case, we have a proven record of outperforming and outselling other inhouse and outsourced call centers.

We offer modest tests so you can see our results before making a bigger commitment. Scale up later only because you’ve seen the results for yourself and want more of them. 

To speak with us about a custom world class customer service or support strategy for your business, use the button to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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