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“We saw an upfront gross ROI of 430%”

– Martin Weiss, Publisher of Weiss Ratings

“LOOP TRIPLED our revenue”

– Kim Iskyan, Founder of Stansberry Pacific Research

The Call Center for

Subscription Businesses

Get More Subscribers Who Stay Longer and Spend More

From exceptional customer service to proven acquisition and retention strategies, LOOP delivers specialist solutions to help grow your business … all in one affordable service.


Happy subscribers stay longer and spend more. We build relationships through superior customer service and expert technical support. We take care of everything for you via inbound and outbound phone, live chat, email and text channels.

ACQUIRE more subscribers

Maximize every dollar you spend on acquisition. Our skilled agents excel at bringing in more new customers from both inbound inquiries and outbound calls. LOOP also targets your website visitors … free and paid trial subscriptions … and leads who’ve never bought from you before. We see every customer interaction as an opportunity to increase your revenue.


Keeping subscribers is easier and less costly than acquiring them. Our time-tested retention strategy targets those subscribers who call in to cancel and those who cancel online. We also proactively identify customers who are likely to cancel, often months in advance. These tactics typically reduce your current cancel rate by 20% to 40%.

Boost CROSS SELL and UPSELL revenue

Your company won’t scale on acquisition alone. We dramatically increase your recurring revenue using proven cross sell and upsell techniques. We convince more of your customers to upgrade to a premium or lifetime subscription. And we also convert customers with lower-priced subscriptions into multi-buyers of your more profitable products.

Increase RENEWAL revenue

Failed automatic renewals eat into your profits. We identify credit cards that will likely be declined and proactively fix the problem before the auto-renew transaction is processed. Plus, we typically recover 25% to 35% or more of failed renewals, including recently deactivated subscribers whose payments were declined.

WIN BACK more subscribers

Former subscribers are an often-overlooked gold mine. We find opportunities to recapture both entry-level and high-paying customers who would otherwise be lost. We never let subscribers fall off your file without trying to win them back.

Why is LOOP uniquely positioned to solve the specific challenges of YOUR subscription business?


We typically deliver an upfront ROI of at least 100% on lower-priced subscriptions … and as much as 1,000% or more ROI on premium products costing $1,000 to $5,000 per year. Add to that renewal, cross sell and upsell revenue … and you’ll soon see why LOOP is the #1 call center for subscription businesses.


We understand your company’s unique challenges and opportunities in ways regular call centers don’t. As specialists with 16 years experience in direct response marketing and copywriting, we constantly test new sales tactics to improve our performance … and your bottom line. We only roll out what is proven to work.

SKILLED AGENTS hired exclusively for you

We handpick top-notch, college-educated agents to service your customers and exceed your sales expectations. Only those who pass our rigorous 80-hour training program will join your team. Unlike other call centers, LOOP doesn’t pool agents. The agents we hire for you are dedicated to your company alone.

EASY to get started

LOOP offers a modest trial – without any long-term commitment. No technology integration required!

Read What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Over a 15-month period, LOOP saved me $3 million in refunds, mostly from high-priced cancelling customers. They also brought in $700,000 by selling $150/year subscribers their first $3,500/year subscription. Plus, they recovered $238,000 in order form abandons. LOOP turned what was considered primarily a customer service channel into a very lucrative revenue generator.”

~ Kim Iskyan, Stansberry Pacific Research

“Loop isn’t your normal call center. Jesse and his team strive to become partners with you, not be “just a vendor.” Loop understands the subscription marketplace which already puts them ahead of the crowd. With Loop, you don’t just give them a list and be done with it. Jesse brings ideas and opportunities to you – sometimes ideas that don’t benefit him a bit. That’s a true partner.”

~ Roger Michalski, Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

“Loop has been managing Newsmax’s outbound retention programs and select inbound programs since 2017. Through Loop’s careful management and innovative teamwork, we’ve seen exponential growth. We appreciate the partnership we have with Loop.”

~ Laura Vail, Group Publisher, Newsmax

Call LOOP now to learn more about our specialist call center solutions.

You can start small with a modest, no commitment trial. See firsthand what we can do for your bottom line. And from there, you can easily ramp up or scale back as needed… with no annual contract, ever.