Guide Ultime: How to outsource Your call center in the Philippines in 2023

As communication and computing technologies have improved, global outsourcing has become more widespread. Businesses can contract with outside firms to carry out activities that would otherwise be handled through corporate departments.

For many years, companies have relied on various increasingly popular services, one of which is outsourcing customer service. In the future, an increasing number of companies across a wide range of fields and sizes will adopt this practice. If you want to turn your call center in the Philippines into an engine of revenue growth, then hire Loop Contact Solutions and start your journey.

Outsourcing Call Centers: Why?

By contracting with an outside company, or "outsourcing," you may free up internal resources and focus on running your firm.

If you want to streamline your company operations, consider hiring an outside contact center to handle certain responsibilities. This includes interacting with customers through phone (inbound and outbound), chat, email, SMS, and other digital and social channels.

You may save costs and streamline processes by using a contact center for customer support.

The Process of Outsourcing Customer Support and How It Functions

The choice to outsource customer service should not be made carelessly. When looking for a partner to handle customer care, businesses have their pick of a vast pool of potential vendors.

When evaluating potential outsourcing partners, it's important to take into account the following:

  • Cost
  • Length of the contract until renewal
  • Differences in language
  • Taxes and/or surcharges imposed by a laws
  • Confidentiality requirements under the law

Successfully outsourcing customer support requires careful consideration when selecting a service provider.

The success of every contract depends on the thoroughness of its preparation, which requires a great deal of study. This will ensure no surprises when the two of you collaborate.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Call Center

It's a huge deal to outsource customer service to a company you don't know. Here are the five actions you should take if you want to employ an outsourced contact center:

  • Pricing

  • Inbound

    • In shared services, many customers share a single pool of incoming call agents. These people are paid per minute, so they will be busy at peak times but can take your call even on a dull morning when it's just you.

    • Providers offering dedicated services have a predetermined number of employees who handle calls for only one customer. Companies with significant call volumes often choose this model because it allows them to get consistent, high-quality service regardless of fluctuations in workload.

    • It is a typical practice for offshore service providers to charge monthly. This implies that you will be required to prepay your monthly charge and exhaust your allotted minutes before receiving a new bill at the end of the month.


    • A popular pricing structure for outbound call centers is an hourly cost. They have a group doing sales calls, appointment sets, and lead generation outbound calls.

    • Most importantly, commissions are the standard payment structure for contact center services. In most cases, 10% has been determined to be the norm. However, this might vary widely based on the specifics of your inquiry.

    • You sell and only pay out when a customer employs them again after they have purchased from you once, as opposed to conventional commissions, which are based on a percentage of your selling price for each product or service. Since there is no way to predict how much money will come in at any moment, an employee paid hourly + commission is incentivized to bring in new clients.

Location-Based Call Center

Location is one of the first reasons why employing a contact center should be considered an investment. In the long run, call centers in nations with lower labor costs tend to be more lucrative since they can focus on providing excellent customer service without worrying about additional expenses stemming from the center's location.

Having customer service handled by an offshore contact center is a great cost-cutting measure for companies of all sizes. Companies are drawn to these areas because of the reduced cost of living, which translates to lower personnel expenditures. That's why many countries in the Asia-Pacific area, including Australia and New Zealand, look to China and the Philippines as their offshore destinations of choice.

High Standards and Profound Knowledge

How can we provide superior service to our clients? White-glove service is only offered by a select few contact centers, where personnel are specifically educated to provide the highest customer satisfaction possible. They could offer these workers a higher salary in exchange for doing a task they consider to be particularly important.

Some businesses provide access to dedicated tech support staff when customers have technical difficulties with a service. Some others provide multilingual support but remember that with any service, you get what you pay for.


Call centers with a little wiggle room are a fantastic option. They may usually assemble a specialist group to cater to your requirements. A flexible centre may assist when customers have unmet needs that aren't met by standard services. However, the cost of their service may be greater than usual.

Don't simply go with the cheapest option when it comes to outsourcing your call center. Consider how easily they adapt to your needs and fit in with your company's ethos. Your agents are your brand's voice, so they should communicate with consumers in a manner that makes them feel like they belong there.

Data entry and order processing are two examples of the administrative services offered by certain contact centers. While talking to you on the phone, other people may have the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell to your current clientele. Find a service that can adapt to your changing demands.


Call Center Services Outsourcing may be expensive depending on the time of year. If your store is only open during normal business hours, then it's only fair to presume that consumers can only get in touch with a representative during those times.

There are, however, businesses that need support around the clock every day of the year. This can dramatically raise expenses owing to the need for additional personnel to be on call at all times (even considering overtime). Chat and email support are now standard features at most call centers.

Maintaining a Measured Quality Level of Customer Service

You know it's not easy to stay up with the rapid pace of technological development while still prioritizing the client experience. If clients aren't content with how their demands were addressed or what was properly conveyed during their first phone conversation, they may go elsewhere, costing your important business customers even more so when they tell their tales on social media.
Is there a foolproof method for checking the quality of service your contact center gives? Check with the buyers directly.

How to Guarantee High-Quality Outsourced Call Center Services and Increase Profits?

By soliciting feedback from customers, you may enhance the service you provide to them. Hearing from others who have gone through this process before is essential, whether to confirm that everything was done correctly or to get insight into how things may go better next time.

Philippines-Based Customer Service Outsourcing

Modern businesses all around the globe rely heavily on third-party companies to handle their customer service needs. Many businesses make the most of outsourcing their customer support to a third party.

Using an outsourcing firm effectively might provide your organization with a competitive advantage.

One of the finest places to find companies to outsource customer care is the Philippines. The Philippines has been the world's preeminent center for business process outsourcing for decades.

Several advantages make the country an attractive outsourcing destination for international firms. Among these advantages include low prices, the country's widespread reservoir of talent, and the people's familiarity with Western culture.

A Brief Recap

You must do your homework and prepare for outsourcing before you go in. In addition to the things already stated, further considerations are worth making.

Price should always be considered, but it shouldn't be the primary factor. This might lead to a decrease in service quality and, in turn, lower client satisfaction.

It's an adjustment, particularly if this is your first time outsourcing; your outsourcing company will support you every step of the way. But, still. You and your team must be ready for the difficulties and necessary changes that lie ahead.

Hire a reliable outsourcing partner right away to maximize the effectiveness of your customer service outsourcing.

Philippine-based Call Centers provide BPO services that deliver exceptional support to you and your customers.

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