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How Loop Generates Millions In Fresh Subscriptions For Our Clients

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More New Subscribers.


Before upselling, cross-selling, renewing, or anything else, you must bring new, paid subscribers into your business. 

That’s where we can help.  We get you more new subscribers because we talk to more of your customers and turn more conversations into sales.  To boot, we cross and upsell more while getting them.

We routinely outperform other inhouse and outsourced call-centers.  Plus, when we sell, our agents set your new subscribers up for success, which means more renewals.

Whether it’s inbound calls, website visitors, lead lists to call, or actives for cross sell and upsell, we’ve perfected the science of getting you more subscribers than our competition. 

Bottom line, we help you get major increases in new subscription revenue.

Three Call Center Services to

Get More Subscribers


Get more subscribers at every stage of your subscriber journey …

Inbound Phone Sales

Turn more inbound calls from prospective and active subscribers into sales by increasing your conversion rate, selling more regular priced subscriptions and fewer trials, and getting more cross sells and upsells.

Outbound Sales & Telemarketing

Turn your actives, expires, and prospect lead lists into sales.  Reach more of them on outbound calls, convert more of the ones you reach, and cross sell and upsell.

Live Sales Chat

One of the commonly missed opportunities.  Most subscription businesses have heaps of qualified traffic who are interested, but not convinced.  Our sales chat unlocks these sales.

Questions & Answers

What do I get with LOOP's services?

We provide everything and do it all for you, end-to-end: Everything.  Set goals, intensely study your business, develop your sales service, hire and train a sales team, provide and manage all tech, launch the service, and continually improve and update it.

How will you get me MORE subscribers?

Simple. We speak to more of your customers — whether active, expired, or prospects — and turn more conversations into sales.  We also successfully cross sell and upsell more.

We’re also fanatical about A/B testing.  We scientifically test everything — strategy, tactics, scripts, operations, and agents, to improve.

How does LOOP outperform my existing call center?

Closing complex sales. Most inbound sales hotlines are staffed by order takers. Our experience shows commonly 30% to 40% of inbound inquiries are from customers who are interested, but not convinced, to buy. These will all be lost by normal agents.

At LOOP, our sales programs and sales teams are all built with this problem in mind. We use battle tested sales approaches to convert these hard-to-get opportunities into sales.

“Start-up team generated $1,300,000 inbound sales in the first year alone.”

Get More Sales from Your Current Marketing

From innovative telemarketing scripts and processes to email and live chat technology, our acquisition campaigns regularly result in millions of dollars in fresh subscriptions.

  •  If you want to get more acquisitions…
  •  More money from your acquisitions…
  •  More overall customers in your sale funnel…
  •  More sales from your leads list… your freemium subscriber base… webinars… VSLs… live sales chat…
  •  More revenue from every possible point in your business capable of converting users into paying subscribers…

… then we have the knowledge, strategies, people, processes, and hunger to do all of it and generate remarkable growth in your subscriber base and revenues.

As an example, we routinely increase inbound-phone sales conversion rates 30% to 50%.  In some cases, we’ve done even better.  One major publisher was getting 30% conversion and now gets over 50% with us.  Plus, they get far more cross sells

The exact amount we can increase conversion depends on the product, offer, marketing, and skills of your current call teams. Overall, it’s rare for us to not outstrip the current team by a country mile.

And to boot, we routinely cross sell 20% to 40% of new subscriptions on inbound sales calls where other call-centers leave this on the table.   

Getting more new subscribers who will stay longer and spend more is essential to serious growth. That’s what we help you do. 

Book a strategy session with our team today and we will talk you through a focused strategy to get you far more new subscribers. 


How We Help You Get More Subscribers, Revenue & Profit

We will create, test, and fine-tune a custom sales team to get you more subscription revenue.  Our key focus areas include:

Inbound Phone Sales

When customers call in about buying a new product, we convert more by closing often missed, complex sales inquiries.  We also open their minds and convert more to higher-priced products.


Order form failed to capture a sale?  Shopping cart abandonment?  These are often red-hot leads who just need a nudge.  No problem.  Our agents will seal the deal and convert these customers.

Complex Inbound Sales Inquiries

Any good rep can close lay-down sales.  But what about sales where the customer is interested enough to call, but is far from decided?  Often this is 25% or more of all inbound calls. We get these often-lost sales.

VIP Sales Hotlines

Premium phone sales for services costing $1,000 to $5,000 (or more) per year—we make your subscribers feel listened to and valued. We overcome their concerns and turn them into buyers and loyal users of your high-priced services.


Live Sales Chat

Talk to your subscribers and close more sales in key areas on your websites like landing pages, order forms, pricing and product pages, shopping cart checkouts, your membership areas, and lots of others.

Social Media Sales

Leverage text-to-call phone sales or live chat to engage more prospects and grow conversion rates from your social media campaigns and Facebook pages, and engage customers with Facebook chats on your website.

Text-to-Call Acquisition

Many people who won’t call will text. Increase social conversion rates by posting your toll-free number and telling your prospects they can text “YOURBIZ” to 1-800-123-4567 and a specialist will call them right away.

Telemarketing & Outbound Phone Sales

Our seasoned sales agents reach your customers and demonstrate your service’s benefits, convert more prospects and actives into sales, and cross sell and upsell at the same time.

Convert Free Trials to Paid Subscribers

Crucial to maximizing your trial subscribers’ potential.  Our agents don’t let a single, free-to-paid sales opportunity slip by, unlocking major league growth.


Outbound Sales to Webinar Attendees

Running a webinar event?  Often attendees are the hottest prospects who just need minor persuasion. Our team follows them up, resolves their concerns, and closes more sales.

“Loop generated $140,000 in outbound sales in one day, twice what we were expecting!”

Speak With Us About Getting More Subscribers Now

Our solutions to get more new subscribers are second to none.

Maybe you are using an outsourced or inhouse call center and aren’t satisfied with their results. 

Maybe you’re wondering how much more revenue is possible — even if you’re happy with your current in-house or third-party call center.

Or maybe you want to launch a new service, like outbound sales, or live chat, to complement the inbound sales team you already have.

Whatever your goals, we have a proven record of outperforming and outselling other call centers and in-house teams alike.

We offer modest tests so you can see our results and quality firsthand before making a bigger decision

To speak with us about a custom subscription sales strategy to get far more new subscribers, use the form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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