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Capture Renewal Revenue Other

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All along your sales funnel and your subscriber’s journey, there are opportunities for them to lose interest, forget, grow restless… and not renew.

It might be an expired credit card … a failed autorenewal … a customer opting out of autorenewal … a non-autorenewal subscription reaching its anniversary. 

Whatever the cause, every subscription business loses massive renewal revenue every month through these various ‘leaks’.

Loop refuses to let these leaks drain away big dollars that unnecessarily yet consistently depresses your renewal and down-stream revenue growth.

Call Center Renewal Services

Get more renewal revenue at every stage of your subscriber journey


Stop Failed Auto Renewals and Grow Renewal Revenue

Each year in the United States, at least 25% of all annual autorenewals will fail from credit card problems.  Most of that revenue will be lost.  But we know how to call them, fix their credit cards and get that at-risk revenue in the bank.

Save Expiring Subscriptions

This occurs when a customer is not in autorenewal and their anniversary comes up.  Customers fall out of autorenewal when they cancel a non-refundable subscription or opt out.  We call and renew them … money in the bank.


Predict & Fix Upcoming Renewal Problems

We can predict which of your subscribers may or will have a failed autorenewal.  With this knowledge, we call and fix the renewal problem, and sometimes early-renew or upgrade customers on the spot. 


Inbound Renewals

Few customers call in saying “can you please renew me early”. Yet, there is a tremendous opportunity to find and fix renewal problems on inbound customer service, technical support, and sales calls.  Our agents have this down pat.

Questions & Answers

What do I get with LOOP's services?

We provide everything and do it all for you, end-to-end

We set goals, study your business, develop your renewal service, hire and train a sales team, provide and manage all tech, launch the service, and continually improve and update it.

How will you get MORE renewals?

Simple.  We recover failed autorenewals.  We renew subscribers not enrolled in autorenewal.  We fix renewal issues on inbound sales and customer support calls.  We predict and fix renewal problems before they become failed renewals, and we renew your actives early.  

We’re fanatical about A/B testing.  We scientifically test everything — strategy, tactics, scripts, operations, and agents, to improve.

How does LOOP outperform my existing call center?

Scientifically.  Most renewal campaigns make three critical mistakes:  

First, relying on discounts to get people to renew.  Yes, this is an important tool, but only one of many.  Second, using renewal sales teams who don’t understand the product and customer experience, so they can’t convince subscribers to renew who weren’t already planning to.  And third, using a one-size-fits-all renewal approach.  Different problems require different solutions.

At LOOP, our battle tested renewal services are hard wired to fix these problems and ensure your at-risk subscribers successfully renew.

“LOOP developed customized end-to-end solutions specifically for my situation supporting subscriber acquisition, adoption, retention, upselling and revenue generation across all channels. They evolved to a team of 16 agents and were absolutely instrumental in growing my business”

An Effective Renewal Service Should Easily Increase Your Subscription Revenues More Than Any Other Single Measurable Method

Renewal services commonly aren’t used or don’t work well. But when they do, they become one of your most important revenue growth engines.  

The right renewal services routinely increase subscription renewals more than any other measurable method, like email recovery sequencing, credit card account updaters, and others. Like every component of our subscription call-center services, Loop renewal programs are essential drivers that reliably grow subscriber revenue. 

Our agents, hired, trained, and dedicated only to you and sales to your  subscribers, will proactively engage them and book more renewals.  Plus, these same agents will be skilled to do upsells, cross sells, and customer support to max out every revenue generating opportunity.

How We Get More Renewals for You


Here’s how we generate millions through superior renewal programs:


At least 25% of all autorenewals fail each year in the US. That threatens a huge segment of your subscriber base and revenues. We are expert at convincing your failed autorenewals to renew and stay in the fold.



Often these subscribers opted out of autorenewal. Much renewal revenue will be lost without smart efforts to get it. We’re are experts at getting it.


Most subscription businesses have friction around trials (typically 15 to 30 days) that automatically convert to paid plans.  This puts your customers at risk.  We know how to renew them into paid plans. 

Proactive Renewal Service

We predict who will probably (and certainly) have a failed auto renewal before their anniversary.  We speak to them, fix the problem, and lock in successful renewals.


Early Renewals

Our agents convince your subscribers to renew early for longer terms — bringing in more revenues and reducing lost revenues from failed renewals.  This also works well with cross and upselling selling campaigns.


Convert to Lifetime Subscribers

Upgrading subscribers to lifetime memberships makes you more money up front.  Plus, these locked-in, loyal customers are, year after year, prime cross sell and upsell prospects for other high priced, premium services.

“LOOP easily integrated into my operations as if they were my in-house call center. They are always nimble, exuding a “can-do” attitude adjusting to fluctuating call-center needs whether additional manpower, extended hours, or sudden changes in campaigns and offers.”

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Getting More Renewals

Our subscription renewal campaigns are second to none.

Maybe you have tried other call centers and are unhappy with their results.

Maybe you’re wondering how much more you could increase renewal rates — even if you’re happy with your current in-house or third-party call center.

Or maybe you’d like to launch a new service, like predicting and fixing renewal risks, or recovering failed renewals, to complement the support team you already have.

Whatever the case, we have a proven record of outperforming and outselling other call centers and in-house teams alike.

We offer modest tests so you can see our results before making a bigger commitment. Only scale up because you’ve seen the results for yourself and want more. 

To speak with us about a custom, subscriber-renewal strategy for your business, use the button below to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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