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Multiply Your Subscription Revenue with Killer Cross & Upselling

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Get More Dollars Out of Your Subscriber Base

Commonly subscription businesses get their lion’s share of profits from cross & upselling selling subscribers to additional products, and renewals.

Examples are endless …. LinkedIn (Sales Navigator), Agora (premium publications), eHarmony (premium dating), Dollar Shave Club (better accessories), Microsoft (productivity products) etc. What they all have in common: higher-priced subscriptions and/or multiple product offerings. 

Additionally, few bought high priced subscriptions on day one, or other supplemental products. They were eased in with future profits in mind.   

So, to generate these high-dollar and multi-buyer subscribers — and the profits that come from them — you need effective cross & upselling.

Your marketing may generate many of these sales. Yet a lot will only come from a dedicated sales team capable of closing often complex sales. That’s where Loop’s cross & upsell services consistently deliver the big-dollar difference. We crush the competition, using cross & upsell strategies that deliver multiples in revenue growth.

Get more cross & upsell revenue at every stage of your subscriber’s journey with…

Outbound Phone Cross Sells & Upsells

Hands down the #1 most profitable outbound campaign to run.  We generate serious revenue growth by calling your customers and cross & upselling additional services and longer-term subscriptions.

Inbound Phone Cross Sells & Upsells

Other call centers fail you here. Capturing usually missed and massive revenue, we make inbound sales calls much more profitable.  We even cross and upsell on inbound customer service calls.

Premium Subscription Cross Sells & Upsells

For serious revenue growth, we turn more low-end subscribers into high-dollar multi-buyers purchasing more high-tier upsells or multiple, low- and high-end cross sell products. 

Questions & Answers

What do I get with LOOP's services?

We provide everything and do it all for you, end-to-end

We set goals, study your business, develop your cross & upsell strategies, hire and train a sales team, provide and manage all tech, launch the service, and continually improve and update it.

How will you get me MORE cross sells & upsells?


First, we develop multiple short and long-term sales programs.  Different people subscribed to different products at different places in their customer journey will respond to different sales presentations and offers.  

Second:  We speak to more of your customers — whether actives or prospects on inbound or outbound calls for sales or customer support — and turn more conversations into cross sells and upsells.

Third: Our agents don’t follow scripts asking “would you like fries with that?”  Our experienced agents know your products and customers’ sensitivities. They deliver word-class sales-engagements right for a given customer’s place in their subscriber journey leading to more cross & upsell purchases.   

Finally: we’re fanatical about A/B testing.  We scientifically test everything — strategy, tactics, scripts, operations, and agents, to improve.

How does LOOP outperform my existing call center?

Scientifically.  Most cross-sell campaigns make three critical mistakes:  First, targeting the wrong people, or the right people at the wrong time.  Second, poor sales strategies, tactics, offers, and scripts. And third, a sales team unskilled at often complex cross & upsell sales engagements. Our battle tested sales programs avoid these mistakes and get more cross & upsell revenue.

Loop “Outperformed My In-House Team’s Results”

How We Target the Right Offers

to the Right Subscribers

For sustained revenue booms, we focus on selling more customers into higher-priced tiers and putting more buyers into multiple low and higher-priced subscriptions.  

We do this by identifying segments of your subscriber-base that are more likely to upgrade or buy multiple products.  We use these key identifiers: 

  • Products: The products you offer and how your customers use them
  • Customer Journey: Where customers are at crucial points in their subscriber journey that make different products a more likely choice.
  • Marketing: When you have dynamite marketing and bonuses, we customize approaches and scripts to take advantage of it.   

NOT a pushy sales call, our campaigns are designed to deliver high-level customer service, build trust, and multiply your subscription revenue

How We Get You More Cross Sells & Upsells

Our strategic cross & upsell programs include:



One of our most profitable programs.  We call and speak to your active subscribers across all your products, focusing especially on converting front-end customers to high-priced premium or multiple products.


When a customer calls to inquire about your service or place an order, we make sure they finish the call with two or more sales. Our agents are also expert at upselling more customers from trials and monthly plans into annual and two-year subscriptions, and add-ons.


Our agents are trained to identify selling opportunities during customer service and technical support calls, generating quick wins that multiply revenue.  Indeed, even onboarding new customers becomes profitable with cross & upselling as well as renewals.


This key strategy to boost your revenue takes a subscriber from a $10 or $100 subscription to a $1,000 or $5,000 one or even more.



Your active subscribers are often primed to buy more products. Our agents help them find the ones they’ll benefit from most.  We build scaled cross & upsell campaigns that grow your revenues and profits.



Got a red-hot promotion or product?  We identify your active who are likely to be interested and develop a custom sales program just for the opportunity.  Do that twice a month all year (24x) and you get serious growth.



You have heaps of prospective customers on your website who could be cross and upsold but don’t provide working numbers, or don’t answer their phones. Our sales chat agents know how to efficiently reach and cross & upsell them.


Most subscription businesses only make profits from new customers when their downstream cross & upsell funnel is firing on all cylinders.  We’re expert at getting cross & upsells even during new customer acquisitions.

“ROI with recurring revenues, almost 1,000%!”

Speak With Us About Getting More

Cross & Upsells Now

Our strategic subscription cross & upsell programs are second to none.

Maybe you have tried other call centers and have not been satisfied with their results. 

Maybe you’re wondering how much more revenue is possible— even if you are happy with your current in-house or third-party call center.

Or maybe you’d like to launch a new service, like outbound cross & upsells… or add cross selling to your customer support to complement the inbound sales team you already have.

Whatever the case, we have a proven record of outperforming and outselling other call centers and in-house teams alike.

To talk about a custom cross & upsell call center strategy for your business, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation through the button below.

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