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We founded Loop with the goal of helping subscription businesses thrive. Here are answers to questions commonly asked by subscription businesses considering working with us.

What is the simply-stated reason that Loop is THE Call Center for Subscription Businesses?

We only work with subscription businesses. It lets us focus on a single goal – to help you increase your subscriber base and get more profit from it. Our laser-sharp focus on this single goal makes us organized and successful at achieving what other call centers cannot. 

What types of subscription businesses do you help?

All subscription businesses B2C and B2B.  The industry is irrelevant. The common denominator is the need to produce sales, retention and satisfaction results by talking with potential and current customers.

What services do you offer?

LOOP offers a full suite of Sales, Retention, Renewal, Cross-Sell, Upsell, Customer Service and Technical Support solutions. These are delivered through Outbound and Inbound Phone, Live Chat, Email, Text, and Social Media Messaging channels. We plan, develop, create, launch, and manage these varying solutions and services for you.

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How much do Loop services cost?

We offer competitive pricing with a high ROI in the form of a monthly, per-agent, all-inclusive, single fee that covers all services. Fees may vary depending on agent skill-sets that range from basic order-taking to successfully selling complex products with very high subscription rates.

Let us know your requirements and we will prepare a service and fee proposal with ROI projections.

What do I get when I start any new Loop service?

We provide everything needed to launch and run the service.  

  • Dedicated Account Manager providing end-to-end project management. 
  • Strategic planning – the WHAT and HOW of the service launched. 
  • Program Development – service and campaign processes, scripting, etc.
  • Agent Team – hiring, training, testing, and managing
  • Technology – all phone, email, and chat tech, set up and managed
  • Performance Reporting – in-depth insight.
  • Continuous Improvement – roll out and continuous refinement to meet goals.
What do I need to do to get started?

Schedule a call with our subscription call center experts. Tell us your goals, pain points, unique requirements, and we’ll tell you how we can help. We will also show you what a small-scale test will look like that lets you clearly see how Loop will grow your business when rolling out your programs.  

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Do I need to provide any special technology?

No. We provide ALL call center tech, with no integration required unless you prefer it.

What kind of call center performance reporting will I get from Loop?

We report on all the big goals we have agreed to help you achieve. Loop will keep track of performance, productivity, lists, quality, compliance, with high-level and detailed views trended over time. 

Is Loop PCI compliant and compliant with other privacy laws in the countries where it makes calls?

Yes. Loop is PCIDSS certified and is compliant with US Federal and State Do Not Call Lists, the Telecommunications Privacy Act, and all other related regulations.

What results will I get?

With Loop’s mix of solutions and services you will get higher sales conversion rates and lower cancellation and refund rates that translate into:

  • More new and total subscribers, renewals, cross-sells and upsells
  • Fewer cancels and refunds 
  • Higher Customer Lifetime Values
  • Higher revenues and profits. 
  • A call center that is a profit center in your marketing operations.
When will I see results?

Almost immediately. Once your programs launch, results start rolling in. It can take 30 to 90 days during testing to hit our roll-out stride at which point reliable and predictable results will become typical of your call center programs with us. 

Where are your clients located?

Most are based in the USA, and we are also supporting companies with primarily English-speaking customers in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

What are your hours of operation?

We work 24/7/365 to provide coverage whenever you need it. We can accommodate any fixed hours, plan staffing according to your subscribers’ local time zones, and adjust based on call, email, and chat peak volume hours to optimize sales and productivity.

Just tell us what you need, or we can recommend operations hours based on your goals.

What if I am not happy?

We will fix it. We intend to partner with you for years. Regardless, you can cancel at any time for any reason or no reason with 30-days’ notice.

Are you a full-service call center?

Yes. We provide all of it – strategy, planning, processes, people, technology, script-writing, and development, all executed through world-class, inbound/outbound, sales & retention, customer-service, and technical-support capacities.

How do you reach and talk to my subscribers?

We use:

  • Inbound and outbound phone and email
  • Live chat
  • Text and other social media messaging
Do you record calls and provide me with easy access to them?

Yes. All calls are recorded and easily accessible, available, and securely stored for you.

How do you hire and train your agents and agent managers?

We only hire seasoned and Loop-certified agents and agent-team managers. They are college-educated with extensive relevant experience and expertise. Our agent training and testing programs ensure efficiency in verbal and written English, accents, demeanour, attitude, work ethics, attention to detail, and more.

Agents are additionally given a minimum of 80-hours of classroom and hands-on training immersed in your business, customer, products and specific campaigns with rigorous qualification requirements. None are hired until the required skills are verified and the rigorous requirements are met. 

How many agents must I hire to run a test?

Two to six are typical to run small tests to demonstrate that we can deliver results at a high ROI. We only scale up and roll out when, demonstrably, your goals can be reliably and predictably achieved.

Typically, at minimum, test results cover their cost and more, while their primary purpose is to verify ramp-ups and rollouts that will clearly generate reliable, predictable and growing profits.  

Can I test Loop without disrupting my current operations and programs?

Yes. Our test programs are designed to validate improved performance over your current operations. It enables us to build your confidence in Loop before making the massive decision of replacing all or part of your call center system.

It also allows you to introduce specific Loop programs into your marketing mix that work in parallel or collaboratively with current programs you wish to continue. We make recommendations that will save you money.

Can I replace my current call center operations without going through a Loop testing program?

Yes. If you aim to replace your current call center operations completely, we have a program to ensure a smooth and timely transition without disrupting your existing operations.

Can I do a split test with my other call center and Loop?

Yes. We do inbound and outbound sales, retention, or support split tests against your in-house or outsourced teams, and/or American or foreign teams.

What if I have fluctuating agent-volume requirements? Could you adjust week to week, month to month, or season to season?

We routinely scale up or down based on your work volumes by working closely with your marketing and operations teams to manage your fluctuating staffing requirements.

I have had billing errors and fees for poor service with other call centers. How can I know your billing is accurate?

We provide clear, detailed billing tying demonstrable service to fees and results and easy access for services and fee auditing. Any question, at any time, tell us and we will immediately respond. 

I am happy with my subscriber service team, but not my sales results. Can Loop help?

Yes. We often deliver a sales or subscriber support service to companies with an in-house or outsourced team handling one need well while not up to par on another.  

I'm a young subscription business. I don't need a lot of agents now. Can you help me?

Yes. We welcome small businesses and startups with small agent requirements. We have lots of experience with startups and small businesses and can show you the ropes. Even if your call volumes are low, or if you are going to launch soon and don’t know what to expect, we can help now and as you grow.

I need lots of agents and service capacity. Can you help me?

Yes. Substantial needs, like any large undertaking, may require more time and resources to plan and ramp up. However large, we will plan out the program and agent requirements mapped to your goals. Then we will test and expand at agreed plan rates. 

How are you delivering safe and uninterrupted service during the COVID Pandemic?

Our operations are consistently available despite the pandemic. We utilize work-from-home teams and an in-house facility that strictly adheres and even goes beyond government requirements and protocols.

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Loop’s Success is Built on Decades of Research and Testing in the Subscription Industry

Founder and CEO, Jesse Rosenthal, has spent the past two decades focusing specifically on call center operations for subscription businesses. 

Years spent interviewing and working with executives and marketers around the world led him to realize his vision for a new breed of contact center — one that proactively maximizes every single touchpoint in the subscriber’s journey in the subscription business model to generate substantially higher revenues and profits. 

The acquisition, renewal, retention, winback, cross-sell, and upsell strategies Jesse pioneered and founded Loop on have made our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in recurring revenue — money they would not have realized if they’d not partnered with us.

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We’ll discuss your business in total confidentiality, give you some valuable initial advice, and lay out benefits and steps you can take to grow your revenues and profits.