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Customer Winback Services

Losing subscribers not only has an impact on your subscription business’ revenues, but it also reflects negatively on the brand that you’re trying to build and the reputation you’re trying to foster in the market. Regardless of why subscribers might be leaving your business, you should know that there are ways of addressing this issue.

LOOP’s Customer Winback Services help grow your subscription business by winning back former subscribers and convincing canceling subscribers to stay subscribed. Through both inbound and outbound phone, live chat, and email, we not only target former and canceling subscribers, but we also aim for trial programs that did not convert and subscribers whose renewals failed.

Each interaction is treated as an opportunity to monetize, and LOOP will use customer service and save strategies, to map out for your product, and to win back as many former subscribers as possible. LOOP uses the same skills to address issues that any existing subscribers are facing to keep them subscribed and not cancel their accounts.

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Winbacks For Your Subscription Business

Winning back customers requires an experienced hand that knows customer service protocols and is adept at dispute resolution. Luckily, LOOP has the necessary experience to do just that and can get in touch with former subscribers to get them back into your subscriber pool. LOOP does through outbound phone, email, and live chat wherever possible.

Then we come to saving cancels and refunds. Subscribers cancel through inbound phone, email, or website. Our agents will be ready to reach out to these subscribers and talk to them regarding their reasons for canceling. If their reason for canceling has to do with any shortcomings in the service or product, then our agents will work to address those shortcomings in order to keep the customer subscribed. We’ll be saving failed renewals and manually expiring subscribers as well.

LOOP’s services take a proactive approach in reducing cancels as well. Through various models and systems, we predict which subscribers are likely to cancel their subscription and their reasons for doing so. By preemptively fixing the problem, we retain the customer (maintaining revenue) and continuously create a positive image of the business, and proactively improve its services.

Our agents also use their interactions with subscribers to monetize by conducting cross-sells or upselling. This gives your business chances to grow its revenue even further while maintaining the subscriber base and company image.


Solutions & Services

Get More Subscribers

  •  Inbound Phone Sales
  •  Outbound Phone Sales &   Telemarketing
  •  Live Sales Chat

Keep More Subscribers

  •  Onboarding & Adoption
  •  Customer Service
  •  Technical Support
  •  Winbacks & Cancel Saves

Get More Renewals

  •  Renewal Service
  •  Recover Failed Renewals
  •  Save Expiring Subscribers

Get More Cross Sells & Upsells

  •  Cross Sell & Upsell
  •  Cross Sell to Premium   Services

Our Work Process

First, you will need to set a goal for your business. An example is to reduce the percentage of active subscribers who are canceling by 25% in the next financial quarter. Then you need to decide which products you will want LOOP to cover under the Customer Winback Services. Once we have this information, LOOP will devise a program tailored to your business.

In addition to providing which channels (inbound and outbound phone, email, and live chat) will be used, LOOP will also develop sales strategies, tactics, scripts, offers, rebuttals, and a formal training program for agents. LOOP will ensure that all agents are experts in the product, its related technical problems, and how to resell the product.  Everyone on the team will also be required to use the product regularly themselves, so they are familiar with all the ins and outs.

Finally, LOOP will build you a brand new team of agents and onboarding specialists, which will be led by an experienced support manager to ensure the best results. Rest assured that LOOP will take care of the entire hiring and training process. To maintain a high-quality service standard, rigorous quality assurance procedures, scorecards, and guidelines will be implemented, along with quality assurance processes and technology.

How It Works

Here’s how it works …

  •  You approve a goal, like increase your renewals by 25%

Then we …

  • Intensely study your business
  • Customize our strategies and tactics
  • Create sales or support programs
  • Create a formal training program
  • Hire your new agent team and manager
  • Perform exhaustive new agent training
  • Launch and improve your new service
  • A/B split test different approaches
  • Continue improving until your goal is reached


You won’t get this from other call centers …

  • Specialist sales, support, and retention call center
  • Dedicated to subscription businesses
  • Managed by subscription business AND call center experts
  • Focused on your results and ROI first
  • Provides services designed grow your business each year
  • Increases your acquisitions, renewals, and cross sells and upsells
  • Provides world class customer support to your customers
  • Proves our results and quality with small tests before scaling larger

Why LOOP’s Winback Services Are Better

LOOP’s call centers often work as upfront profit centers. All our services have been designed in a manner that typically generates more money than they cost. This makes our services an upfront positive return on investment in your monthly marketing and business operations. Clients are able to get big-picture growth at an upfront profit each month.

LOOP also happens to be one of the leading subscription business experts in the market. Our team of qualified professionals has been involved with subscription businesses their entire careers. Knowing the ins and outs of the business goes a long way and LOOP’s services will be much better suited to your subscription business than any other regular call center.

With this experience comes a great deal of knowledge as well. LOOP is aware of little-known touchpoints that will enable your business to speak to more subscribers. Your availability will never be limited as you will always be there for your subscribers in their preferred mode with inbound and outbound phone, live chat, and email. With more satisfied subscribers, you’ll have more conversions, saves, and revenue. The end result is growth for your business.

How Can Our Clients Get Started

All our clients start off with a small test. We offer inexpensive test programs which allow clients to see how we typically roll out any given plan. Over a 90-day test period, we deploy a small pilot team of agents and roll out our services to customers. Our clients can get an idea of the results within that period of time, which more often than not ends up in a high ROI on the test investment.

If you have any further questions about our services or would like to set up a consultation, please get in touch at 1-855-947-5667.

How We Talk To Your Subscribers

  •   Inbound Phone
  •   Outbound Phone
  •   Inbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Outbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Email
  •   Text-to-Call

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