Call Center Renewal Services

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Call Center Renewal Services

In the United States, at least 20% of all credit cards go out of circulation, leading to a 20% decline rate for automatic renewals. Potentially, it could even result in a 30% percent or more decline rate, which means you’re losing out on major revenue and profits. Many subscription businesses also have customers who are active subscribers and not on auto-renewal, with their accounts about to expire soon. Many times there are trial users that do not convert to active paid subscribers due to payments problems. 

LOOP’s Call Center Renewal Services are designed to get your subscription business more renewals, often at a significant upfront profit. We work with our clients as partners to build sustainable revenue and a satisfied subscriber base. 

Through inbound and outbound phone, email, and live chat, our agents will continuously target renewals to improve results for your business, which even includes reaching out to active subscribers for early renewals and upsells, and cross-selling.

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What Renewal Services Do For Your Subscription Business

LOOP’s proactive approach in saving failed automatic renewals and expiring subscriptions ensures that your renewal rates stay high and your revenue is, at the very least, maintained. Another way we do this is by proactively identifying dead credit cards and updating or fixing them so the next auto-renewal is successful.

Reaching out to these customers also gives our agents opportunities to monetize further. We can convert monthly and annual subscribers to longer-term subscriptions. Cross-selling and upselling means you have further revenue and profits for your business.

How Our Call Center Services Work

First, LOOP will set a goal for your subscription business, like saving 25% more failed renewals per year, and choose which products you’ll like for us to handle. After this, our experts will identify the best communication channels for your campaign. Our team will then move on to developing your program which includes renewal strategies, tactics, scripts, offers, rebuttals, and a formal training program for agents.

We’ll then go on to building a brand new team of agents for your program. After hiring only the very best candidates, we put them through rigorous training, and only those who qualify through tests are assigned to the final team.

Solutions & Services

Get More Subscribers

  •  Inbound Phone Sales
  •  Outbound Phone Sales &   Telemarketing
  •  Live Sales Chat

Keep More Subscribers

  •  Onboarding & Adoption
  •  Customer Service
  •  Technical Support
  •  Winbacks & Cancel Saves

Get More Renewals

  •  Renewal Service
  •  Recover Failed Renewals
  •  Save Expiring Subscribers

Get More Cross Sells & Upsells

  •  Cross Sell & Upsell
  •  Cross Sell to Premium   Services


You won’t get this from other call centers …

  • Specialist sales, support, and retention call center
  • Dedicated to subscription businesses
  • Managed by subscription business AND call center experts
  • Focused on your results and ROI first
  • Provides services designed to grow your business each year
  • Increases your acquisitions, renewals, and cross sells and upsells
  • Provides world class customer support to your customers
  • Proves our results and quality with small tests before scaling larger

Why LOOP Is Better For Your Subscription Business

LOOP’s proprietary services also have a twofold advantage for your business. With 4 solutions and 7 services that have been battle-tested to grow subscription businesses, LOOP will be able to set up an effective, world-class call center for your business. Moreover, there’s a reduced cost since much of the costly call center work developing new complex services has already been done.

Our campaign creation is also inclusive of everything. This includes strategic planning, immersion in your business and products, sales strategies, tactics, scripts, training program creation, hiring and training a new dedicated team, and developing technology. With our services, we’ll create a standardized system that can reliably grow your business and consistently deliver profits, without having to be dependent on a select few top-performing agents.

Getting Started

LOOP follows a reliable direct-response approach of testing cheaply and rolling out what is proven to work. We offer inexpensive test programs to allow clients to see how we set up any program. With a handful of agents over a 90-day test period, our clients are able to test small and see the results for themselves. Clients get to see our results firsthand before making a bigger decision. A great bulk of our existing client list was onboarded using this model and to the satisfaction of all of them.

If you have any further questions or want to set up a consultation with one of our team members, then contact us at 1-855-947-5667.

How We Talk To Your Subscribers

  •   Inbound Phone
  •   Outbound Phone
  •   Inbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Outbound Live Agent Chat
  •   Email
  •   Text-to-Call